Walk in chicken run rabbit run cage enclosure size 6ft 1.8m
Walk in poultry run chicken enclosure with roof and door size 6ft
bolt door chicken run enclosure made with wood and wire mesh
Hinge door chicken run

Poultry Panels | 6ft by 6ft Walk-in Chicken Run

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Walk-in Poultry Runs made using handmade pre-made panels from pressure-treated timber and galvanized wire mesh.  Perfect for keeping chickens, rabbits, ducks, cats, and other small animals and pets. 

Poultry Panels are made with wire mesh: 1" by 1" (25mm x 25mm) - 19 gauge (19g)

This set can be used to make a 6ft by 6ft enclosure (approx. 1.8m by 1.8m) with the option of two panels for a ceiling for a full enclosure.

Panels arrive as per the attached photos and package consists of:-

Without Ceiling:
6x3 Door Panel: 1 pc
6x3 Standard Panel: 7pcs

(Total 8 Panels)

With Ceiling:
6x3 Door Panel: 1 pc
6x3 Standard Panel: 9pcs
(Total 10 Panels)
Door-to-door delivery included

Technical Specification:-

Timber: 'green', pressure treated 19mm by 38mm batten

Wire Mesh: 1" by 1" (25mm x 25mm) - 19 gauge (19g)

Door panel: internal door measures approximately 57cm (wide) by 148cm (high) and comes fixed with hinges and bolt. 

Fixtures: 75mm Corrosion-resistant screws, 10mm stapes securing the frame and wire.  Hinges and Bolt are made of metal and are coated to protect from rust and weathering.

Individual Panel Size:

72inch x 36inch Approx.
6ft x 3ft Approx.
183cm x 92cm Approx.