Walk in Chicken Runs

Walk in Chicken Coops and Runs can make life so much easier!

Housing your chickens in a walk in coop makes it easier for both you and your hens to get in and out. Not only that – walk in chicken coops and runs have many other benefits, many of which improve the health of your chickens. 

Here are just a few reasons we really recommend using walk in chicken runs:-

Easier to Clean

A Walk-In Chicken Coop (or Walk in Chicken Run) is easy to clean. They have large opening doors allowing you to step inside without hassle, unlike smaller coops or runs that require you to contort your body like an acrobat in order to simply gain entry to the coop or run. Whilst on this subject, once inside you can also easily clean the area without feeling awkward and squished or crawling on all fours.

So, ideally,  there should be a human -size door”. The RSPCA states that chicken coops should be constructed “in such a way that all surfaces can be easily cleaned” they then go on to say that you should “Make sure the door (to your hen house) is big enough for you to get in to check and clean the house.”


Easier to Maintain

A Walk in Chicken Coop or Run is generally easier to maintain then a smaller style coop. Because it is easy for a human to access, it is easier to change your hens water, feed or bedding.

It is also easier to do a full coop or run clean and scrub down as part of your regular routine, or if a hen has been sick.


Protection from Weather and Predators

A Walk-In chicken coop is generally larger than a traditional pet chicken coop, providing more space to frolic. Not only are walk in coops generally larger, these style of coops and runs are much taller, meaning that there is more vertical space for your hens to feel more at home to carry out their normal behaviours such as walking, flying, hiding, stretching and perching.

This style of chicken coop/Walk In run provides ample space for your flock to shelter, and escape from extreme weather conditions when it is positioned appropriately. For example, a larger walk in style coop or run may be positioned so that, during different parts of the day it receives sun and/or shelter in different sections, which allows your chickens choose to sit based on the current weather.

Also remember, predators may not just attack from the sides and bottom of your enclosure, birds etc may also attempt to attack your flock from above. The extra height in a walk in style coop or run helps your flock easily distance themselves from potential predators and not feel as threatened. A Walk in Run or Coop provides a secure place for your hens to sleep, play and nest in, providing protection from foxes, cats and dogs.

A walk-in chicken run provides your hens the freedom of space to roam freely, enjoying the sun and air flow, whilst still having protection from the elements and predators.

Health Benefits

Generally speaking, more space is better when it comes to your hens health. The RSPCA states that chickens “should never be kept in confined or cramped conditions”. They also go on to recommend that the entrance to the enclosure should allow chickens to pass through easily, without having to crouch.

A chicken who does not have to crouch or live in a cramped environment is likely to have a much better bill of health. A walk in chicken run or coop allows this freedom for your flock.

With UK weather being so changeable: storms, high winds, several feet of snow, red hot summer days (occasionally).

With a large area of screening, a walk in coop or run can help prevent heatstroke, as it improves ventilation and air flow within your chicken coop or run.

Also, again it’s size allows you to easily provide your hens with shelter from the heat by positioning certain parts of it under shade such as trees and other shade structures.

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