Welcome to the Poultry Panels Product Competition!

We're offering a cash prize of £50 for the best product idea we receive!

Christmas is coming and we're looking for a Christmas seasonal product that could be made mainly from the components we use to make our summer-season products.

To be in with a chance of winning £50, please send your product ideas to poultrypanelsltd@gmail.com with the Subject line: "Product Comp 2020".

Please include the following in your submission email:-

-Photo/Diagram/Sketch of the product

-Explanation/description of the product

-Estimated Retail Price

The prize will be awarded to the person who provides the best product idea based on the following criteria: simplicity, likelihood of selling during the winter/Christmas season, utilisation of the existing materials in inventory, potential profit margin.

Drawings, sketches, diagrams, or photos would be beneficial as well as description of the product.  It doesn't have to be a new product concept/idea, an existing Christmas/winter product would be accepted, so long as it can be made mainly/entirely from existing materials available.

Materials in stock that the product should be based around:-

19x38mm batten

Batten 19x38mm Tanalised [PEFC]

Wire Mesh: ideally 25mm x 25mm or 25mm x 13mm

Weld Mesh 4ft/1.22mx30m Galvanised Steel Wire | 25mm hole, 19swgWelded Wire Mesh 3FT 1/2" x 1" 30 Meter Aviary Bird Mesh 19G Galvanised  5060218691488 | eBay

Screws, Staples, Cable Ties, String, etc.


Competition closes: 31st October 2020 - winner will be announced 10th November 2020.