Shipping Costs - Large, Small, and Free

How much does Shipping Cost?


We do get lots of questions about Shipping Costs and it's not a simple answer, so here's my quick guide as way of explanation:-


Free Shipping

Before we go into prices, we're delighted to let you know that for all products over £150, there will be no additional Shipping Fee added at Checkout, the price shown on the listing is the total amount.

Sometimes, this means that the shipping costs (as there always shipping costs for us, unless you'd like to collect) are built into the product price to make it easier for the buyer to make a purchasing decision.


3ft Panels and Kits (92cm long)

3ft Panels

3ft Panels and kits, usually used for rabbit runs or chicken runs measure less that 1.1m when packaged up - this means we can ship them as a regular parcel at the cost of £9.99.


£9.99 Shipping Costs are for smaller panels, up to about 3ft as the longest dimension and no more than 30kg so usually we can ship around 16 smaller panels per package.


Large Panels more than 110cm long

Large Panel Kit

Bigger Panels means more expensive shipping and to send anything longer than 1.1m costs £28 - this means custom panels at 4ft long or 6ft panels, usually used for walk in chicken coops, large chicken pens, etc. (sometimes we even do huge 2.4m panels) - all cost £28 to ship.


£28.00 Shipping costs for larger panels, up to 2.5m, still no more than 30kg so usually we can ship around 7-8 larger panels per package.


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