Rabbit Run 3m x 2m x 1m - RSPCA Recommended size

Pet Bunnies are a great family pet for both adults and children and a growing number of people are looking for a suitable run for their little furry family members.

We're often asked what size run is needed for a pair of average sized bunnies and we always refer to the RSPCA recommendations, found here: RSPCA Guide for Rabbits

It's recommended that they have an enclosure no smaller than 3 metres by 2 metres and 1 metre high (so they can jump and stretch high without banging their little heads).


We have a few different options, starting with our easiest option of the hinged enclosure. We have it hinged so there's minimal assembly (not everyone is DIY savvy) but it's recommended that the run is opened fully all the time for your rabbit's freedom and enjoyment.

It arrives in two pieces, the fold-out run and the foldable lid which can either fully secured or partly left to have a lift up lid.

This is our solution, an RSPCA recommended size rabbit run.

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