Putting It All Together: How to Assemble our Products

How the panels are attached together is a common question I'm asked so here's a quick blog to give you my top tips.


Firstly, the panels I ship out are flat-pack and without fixings, I leave this to customers to decide how they would like to put them together.


There are two main ways to assemble the panels into a run, each with their own pros and cons:-


Cable Ties

Using 300-350mm cable ties is the easiest way to assemble these panels into a run or enclosure - they're durable, simple to use, strong enough for most uses and cost very little to purchase.



These are definitely the more robust method and results in a more sturdy construction but they can be more work (requiring pilot holes) and slightly more expensive.

I'd recommend 55mm screws for assembly, similar to these ones from Toolstation:-




 Remember you'll need guide holes when using screws, roughly just slightly smaller than the screw thickness you're using.


I hope this helps and I'll be sure to post some more top tips.


Thanks everyone!



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  • Just wanted to say how glad I am to have found your website. I have only placed 2 orders so far, to customise a rabbit run. I screwed it together, but more recently used cable ties. Your service and speed of delivery is spot on. My next project is to build a catio, and it’s nice to know I don’t need to search around any longer as your prices are good too. Thanks for your help and great product 😄

    Angela Honeywell

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